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Young Quilters Corner

Hello Young Quilters,

How have you been doing? Each week I regularly teach 30 quilters of which more than half are between the ages of 9 and 16 years of age. In the past 12 months my younger students have made quilts, bed runners, wall hangings, cushions, toys, table mats and slippers.  It is amazing what can be made right from scratch! 

This year we are starting off with a variety of projects where there is no precise measuring and cutting is done with scissors as you sit at the sewing machine. It is sometimes called ‘liberated quilting’ because some of the ‘rules’ of normal quilting don’t apply. 

Log cabin designs, where one piece is added to another piece in a circular fashion is great for this. Different sizes, colours and patterns can be sewn together as you want, without a defined plan. Then when one piece is big enough, it can be set aside and a new piece started. I like this way of putting pieces together because every project is different and is unique to the maker.  Here is the cushion made with the pieces above. 

Any fabric can be used, old shirts or clothes, pieces of felt, snippets of material leftovers from other projects. You can do this by hand or machine.  Why don’t you have a go ?  Use the diagram below as the order in which you sew your pieces. As you create new combined pieces which you can incorporate into items such as bags, cushions and quilts in the future.

Don’t forget to send in your pictures to so we can share them on our website !

Happy Sewing from Gill

Young Quilters Events

Young Quilters Mini Workshop – 10.00am-1.00pm  Saturday 23rd July 2016 – @ Village Fabrics, Wallingford.

Aimed at young quilters from 9-14 years of age, this class provide a 2 hour creative session encouraging children in their adventures with textile art. The class costs £5 for QG members £10 for non members (including one years membership to theYoung Quilters Guild ). This class is called “Beside the Seaside” and in it we will make small quilted wall hangings using applique techniques to build up the pictures.  At the end of the class the children will have the option to submit their pieces into the Festival of Quilts in the Summer of 2016. There are 8 places available in this class. All class materials are supplied. Booking available via Gill Towell on 07818 551232.

These classes will be in great demand so please do book up quickly (see information below). Here are some pictures from this Summers classes.