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Make your Own House Pattern

Young Quilters Corner : Make Your Own House Pattern 

Hello There Young Quilters ! Here is a fun little make for you that you can do from the designs stage. The nice thing about this is that you make your own pattern and so it is unique to you ! When you get to the sewing up, you will be using a technique called foundation piecing. You may need some help with that, but I’ve show you where to look and we also have a class you can book onto for only £5 to complete the house! 

To make your pattern you will need a piece of paper, a pencil, a ruler and a pair of sicssors and your will need a sewing machine or a hand sewing kit. If you have graph paper then use that, but don’t worry to much as the house is meant to be wonky. Later, to finish your Wonky House, you will need a background material and 3 or 4 colourful pieces of material to make up your house. 

Here goes.. 

1. Decide on the size of your block. 10” is a good size. Draw a 10” square on your paper and draw a second square ½” bigger all the way around. This is your seam allowance. 

2. Next you will draw two lines across the block. The bottom one will be the base of the house and the upper one will be the roof line. 

3. Next you can draw the walls of your house either sloping inwards ot outwards, whatever you like. Then add the roof – making it as wonky as you like ! 

4. Now things are taking shape ! Add a line across the house part which will be the top of the door and the window. Then add in the windows the chimey and the door. 

5. Next extend the lines from the window down to the grass, and the chimney up to the top of the sky. This will help you sew in a moment. It is a good idea to label the pieces now. I have done it by labeling the colour each piece will be. 

6. Now it is time to cut up your pattern. Cut into 3 sections like this. 

7. To make it easier I have labelled which pieces you sew first in each block. 

8. The pattern isn’t quite finished yet. Stick the pieces onto another sheet of paper and a draw a ¼” seam around each piece and now you have your pattern for a wonky house ! Brilliant work !! 

9. This pattern is sewn using a technique called foundation piecing. If you don’t know how to do this, then there are lots of good YouTube videos or look on for the completion on the project including sewing it up. Alternatively we have a class on 15th August you can book on to finish your Wonky House. Here is Katie… who made this one earlier! 

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