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  • Learning with The Quilters' Guild

    There are lots of ways to learn about patchwork and quilting with The Quilters' Guild. Our Regions have… (read more)

  • Elizabeth Whitehouse

    I grew up in a sewing household and I have sewn all my life: dressmaking, curtains, basic embroidery… (read more)

  • Yvonne Romain

    I live in Colchester, Essex. I enjoy patchwork, textiles and felting. Having lived in Spain for 10 years… (read more)

  • Marilyn Hammick

    Thank you for reading about me. I'm fairly new to patchwork and quilting, still wary of showing my work… (read more)

  • Gwen Harlow

    Update 2019 I finally finished my own hexagon quilt just before last Chrismas. I am leaving the older… (read more)

  • Freda Haylett

    I learned to quilt while sailing around the world on our 40' sailing yacht. In April 2013 I won the… (read more)

  • Sandra Ward

    I am a retired Art and Textiles teacher and always enjoy learning new techniques and seeing other peoples… (read more)

  • Sarah Bernarde

    As well as quilting, I also do cross stitch and am now learning bobbin lace making. I may one day be… (read more)

  • Paula Rafferty

    I have been sewing since I was a small child, taught my mother and I started making clothes for my Sindy… (read more)

  • Janice Gunner

    I have been a member of the guild since 1982 and was President from 2005 to 2008. I have been quilting… (read more)

  • Anita O'Neill

    Having spent many years watching and learning how to sew from my mother I embarked on a City and Guilds… (read more)

  • Gillian Salmons

    I am a retired nurse, formerly specializing in family support work in the community. I have two sons,… (read more)

  • Isobel Loftus

    Although I have worked with and studied textiles over many years, my practice in quilt making is more… (read more)

  • Julie Mccready

    Julie McCready A creator and teacher! Wife, Mother, Homemaker, Gardener, Caretaker of 7 chickens and… (read more)

  • Diane Harrington

    I have been sewing and making quilts for a few years 3yrs to be exact so I am still learning all the… (read more)

  • Carolynne Parkinson

    Hello Everyone I am 54 and although I work full time, as my 3 children have flown the nest, this has… (read more)

  • Jane Chapman

    I began my quilt journey at a week long course at Missenden Abbey about 6 years ago and have enjoyed… (read more)

  • Christine Barnsley

    Hello, my first interest in quilting developed when my husband's work took us to live in Belgium. In… (read more)

  • Anne Middleton

    Whoever would have thought that I would 'get' the joy of being a magpie for fabric and enjoy cutting… (read more)

  • Myriam Crump

    New to quilting, but enjoying the learning process. (read more)

  • Alison Mayall

    I enjoy working with fabric- dyeing it, sewing it, appliqueing it and, not forgetting, quilting it!… (read more)

  • Mahri Prince

    I live in rural Aberdeenshire at the foothills of the Cairngorm mountains. I am inspired by the views… (read more)

  • Patricia Wills

    A move to York coincided with the opening of the Quilt Museum and Gallery. New volunteers were recruited… (read more)

  • Ann Beare

    I am a contemporary textile artist whose work encompasses quilting, embroidery and mixed media. I enjoy… (read more)

  • Annette Morgan

    I have lived in East Anglia most of my life, and I have lived in Thetford for the last 3 years. I am… (read more)

  • Marion McCrindle

    I have been a member of QGBI for ten years and am very grateful to those who introduced me as I am having… (read more)

  • Janet Bevan

    My recent work has featured World War 1 with a series of studies on this theme using a variety of techniques.… (read more)

  • Helen Hill

    I have dabbled in a variety of crafts over the years but now mainly focus on patchwork and quilting… (read more)

  • Julie McConnell

    Quilter, Wife, Mother and Kiwi I am available for classes from August. I mostly have experience in traditional… (read more)

  • Louise Jessup

    I have had a long journey in Mental Health but am now in Recovery and Public Speak about "A journey… (read more)

  • Christabel Gilbert

    I began quilting in the 1970's and was the founder member of Gwent Quilters. I gave talks and taught… (read more)

  • Tracy Fox

    Hello and welcome.... My name is tracy fox and I live in Manchester, England. I am a designer maker… (read more)

  • Angie Green

    Currently I live in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. I have lived here for 3 years and will return to… (read more)

  • Gilli Theokritoff

    I am Gilli Theokritoff, a quilt artist, endlessly fascinated by fabric and pattern and all the possibilities… (read more)

  • Carole Kokinis

    In the 70's I started to hand sew a hexagon quilt over papers. After many house moves it was eventually… (read more)

  • Lis Binns

    I am an area rep and have been the website editor for Region 13. I teach regular classes at Inspirations,… (read more)

  • Sheena Roberts

    I have been sewing since I was tiny, and creating patchwork for almost as long. I was taught by my Great… (read more)

  • Suzanne Fisher

    I have been making things since childhood and love stitch. I enjoy making quilts and use a variety of… (read more)

  • Susan Auckland

    I discovered sewing and quilting just over 4 years ago. Since then I have enjoyed ‘learning’ and… (read more)

  • Linda Litchfield

    I teach Patchwork and Quilting for Adult Learning Lewisham, the adult education arm of the London Borough… (read more)

  • Norma Goff

    I am a brand new member with little experience of quilting but am also a member of the Durham Embroiderers… (read more)

  • Pauline Jones

    Hi, I started patchwork & quilting classes in 2005 at a college in Neath, I got such a buzz from what… (read more)

  • Jennifer Pudney

    In a former life I taught chemistry but have been interested in textiles from an early age having been… (read more)

  • Margaret James

    I started quilting in the late 90's at an adults education evening class where I met Carol Rainbow.… (read more)

  • Shona Kelly

    I adore english paper piecing and crazy quilting as I find the rhythm of handwork to be a great stress… (read more)

  • Veronica Norris

    I have sewn every since I was able to sit at the table and learnt from my Mother on a Singer Hand sewing… (read more)