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Project Linus - Berkshire update

A big thank you to all of you who have made quilts, bags and Christmas stockings for Project Linus during the year. We have had a great response and it’s thanks to all of your generosity and skill. The quilts are really appreciated and will be loved forever. 

The reason I continue to do this volunteer role is because I can see the pleasure that a Linus quilt can bring. Staff from the various organisations tell me the differ-ence that a quilt can make to a child or young person and they are so grateful. 

Here are a few organisations that have received quilts this year: 

· Sebastian’s Trust, 

· Wexham Park and RBH children’s oncology, 

· HomeStart, 

· Childrens homes, 

· Alexander Devine children’s hospice, 

· Camp Mohawk, DASH Slough, 

· PACT. 

· Children in the care of the local authority & individual children. 

Many thanks for your continued support. 


Project Linus Co-ordinator - Berkshire

December 2017 

News From Oxfordshire Linus 

After speaking to various people at the Regional Day in Benson I thought I would put pen to paper and let you all know what the Oxfordshire group for Linus Quilts needs. As a result of a piece on BBC South Today I have been I have been con-tacted by several children’s groups asking if they could have some Linus Quilts. Of course I said yes. This is something of a plea for more quilts please. The size I need is anything from 40” square upwards to single bed size. We still need incubator Quilts which are 33” x 55” (and I know that sounds big but they are big machines) but this size can also be used for bed or lap quilts for older children. We still need breast pump bags also and they should be approximately 13” wide by 19” deep with a strap(s) long enough to go across the body. If anyone can help I would be very grateful and thank you in advance. 

Margaret Metcalfe 

Oxfordshire Co-ordinator Project Linus 


Phone: 01993 850766 or 07733167575 

News From Oxfordshire Linus 

As always I am asking for help for Quilts for the Linus UK Project. As you know I am providing Quilts to not only the Neonatal Unit at the JR in Oxford but the children's oncology unit. I cannot get enough for them so can I put in a plea. They have requested Quilts from 40" square to single bed size for both boys and girls. They are also getting ready for Christmas!!!!!!! Should we be taking a leaf out of their book? They are asking if we could make Christmas stockings. They should be about 12-14" long and wide enough to hold a soft toy and some fruit and should have a loop or some means of attaching them to the beds. They are not fussy about the style but do have to be cotton. So ladies (and possibly gents!) let's get creative - PLEASE.

I am also wanting to let you know that a few of the Oxford Group are a little unhappy. They recently found some Quilts with Linus labels in them in a charity shop in Headington and they were being sold for between £5 and £10!! I think I would be unhappy too and I suspect most of us would make a donation to Linus rather than make them and see them being sold. I have tried to establish where they came from but have had no joy. It is suspected that they have been given by parents whose children have outgrown them or even sadly passed away. Anyway they didn't come from us as I didn't recognise the photos taken of a couple that were purchased by one of the ladies. I want to reassure everyone in our county that I do NOT give out labels as I have to check and register all Quilts that are going out to anyone. I am going to let any charity shops near me aware of Linus quilts and that all charity shops have to be educated about Linus.

Thank you in advance for those who plan to give quilts and my sincere thanks to all those who have already donated.

Margaret Metcalfe, 01993850766 or 07733167574 or 

Abingdon Quilt Exhibition 2018 Competition! 

Quilts for Linus!

Abingdon Quilters are having their biennial exhibition of recent work next April and invite you to take part in their competition of two types of quilts for Project Linus. Margaret Metcalfe, who has recently taken over the Oxfordshire half of Linus quilts from Lillian King, has agreed to judge the competition and to talk about the organisation. To discover more see Margaret’s article in the last Pieceful Times magazine.

Her greatest need is for quilts for the Neonatal Unit at the John Radcliffe Hospital where they have 54 incubators, and the sizes they require are 33” x 55” and 40” x 40”. They appreciate both blue as well as pink quilts, and other gentle colours, but no embellishments please, which might catch on little hands and feet.

Also, roughly lap-sized quilts are needed for a special needs school she supplies and the children’s oncology ward at the JR, and we ask that these are I-Spy quilts. These feature pictures from novelty fabrics to provide amusement and interest. Pinterest has lots of inspiration.

Quilts should be made of cotton fabric, though the backing can be fleece, which is washed and dried more quickly. Please use cotton or 80/20 wadding .......but NOT all polyester wadding as that hardens with hot washing. Google Project Linus for loads of ideas and nice patterns!

All quilts will be donated to Linus after the competition and there will be two generous prizes, one for Incubator and one for I-Spy Quilts!

Abingdon Quilters Exhibition, 14-15th April 2018
The Manor Prep School, Shippon Abingdon, OX13 6LN (but don’t trust your satnav for the very last bit, look for bunting and quilts!)

For more information please contact Judy Harris ( 

Linus - Berkshire


I have been asked about donating quilts to the families of Grenfell Tower. If you are interested in making a quilt here is the information that will help you.

To donate quilts or quilt blocks to benefit those who have lost their homes in London visit:

London Modern Quilt Guild and Quilts for Grenfell who are co-ordinating these support efforts.


I’ve just checked the Linus UK website and thought you might like to know the numbers of quilts donated to Project Linus UK

This year, to end of June 2017,it’s 15.427 and a fantastic 313.564 since it’s beginning in 2000. I’m sure you will agree this is a wonderful effort.

So thank you for you contributions to Berkshire and Oxfordshire.

What sort of quilt?

Single bed quilts are still the most useful, approx 40x60inches. This may vary according to the pattern you use. It’s helpful to have in mind if you are making for a boy or a girl. It needs to be bright and cheerful and of course washable and no embellishments. The Linus website has some suggested patterns – (Always worth checking with myself or Margaret if there is a particular need).

I came back from the Berkshire Summer lunch with a large bag of quilts as well as having a lovely time. Thank you. See you at the next Region day.

Lillian – Berkshire Co-ordinator 

News From Oxfordshire Linus

It is with absolute delight that I can report that my first adventure with Linus has been a great success. To date I have received 60 Quilts of varying sizes and would like to thank all of those who gave of their time and donated Quilts. They had come from lots of different groups and I have found a home for most of them.

The biggest number went to the Neo Natal Unit at the JR, we gave them 34 quilts and I lost count of the number of bags but think it too was around 35. I have had a lovely let- ter from Katherine Reed, who looks after all the Quilts (as well as looking after some very sick little people) and she was very complimentary and the Mums loved the bags and thought them very useful.

She has said she will let me know when she needs more of both but has asked if she could have some pink and some blue Quilts measuring 40" x 40". The challenge is thrown out to anyone and everyone!

Here is a photograph of some of the nurses taking delivery.

Once again thank you everyone. My contact details are:

Margaret Metcalfe, 01993850766 or 07733167574 or 

Linus - Berkshire

A quilt is a hug you can keep

I have received a number of ‘thank you’ messages from the Young Carers. The letters are very touching and think you Quilters are ‘FAB’ and ‘COOL. I agree! They obviously appreciated them.

Please let me know if you have a group or individual you would like to nominate to receive a Linus quilt.

Buscot Ward at the RBH would still like more breastfeeding kit bags if anyone would like to make some, they are thrilled with the ones that we have given so far but more are always needed.

The tote bags need to be approx 13x9 inches, finished size, open top, with long handles and lined. Can be any style, patched or plain.

If you were able to help with this I would be most grateful. They would appreciate a regular supply.

Lillian King
Project Linus Co-ordinator - Berkshire

April 2017 


My first news is that I have had a record month of 137 quilts donated for November. A great achievement, thank you.

We had a request to give a Young Carers group quilts for Christmas and they had requested 60. Thank you so much to all the quilters who took up the challenge, the response was over-whelming.

As well as the Young Carers, we have given quilts to Dingley special needs nursery, Social Services, Macmillan nurses, Oncology at RBH, Alexander Devine, Buscot prem unit and many individual children nominated by schools.

Buscot would still like breastfeeding kit bags if anyone would like to make some, they are thrilled with the ones that we have given so far but more are needed.

InStitches have kindly offered use of their studio one Monday a month so anyone can come and be involved in making quilts for Linus on the fourth Monday of the month, 10-3. They are in Wokingham. If you’d like to go along please contact Hazel Ryder at InStitches who will send you further details. hazel.ryder@ntlworld.comLinus 


Margaret Metcalfe has offered to become the Oxfordshire coordinator. I'm so delighted she has agreed and I know she is planning to write something for this newsletter. My thanks to all the Oxfordshire quilters who have helped in the past and I am sure you will give Margaret the same support. 


Project Linus Co-ordinator -Berkshire

December 2016

A quilt is a hug you can keep


Thanks to those who held on to their Linus quilts while I was away earlier in the year. Despite not recording any quilts for February we have caught up and I know there are a few groups around the region busy making Linus quilts. As ever, thank you so much, it’s amazing that the quilts just keep on coming. Organisations and families receiving the quilts are so grateful, they are a great comfort at a time of difficulty for families. 

The breastfeeding kit bags for the Mums who have very premature babies are proving very popular and a great help to carry the kits around. 

Thanks to those who have made bags, more are always needed. The bag needs to be approx 13inches long and 9inches wide, lined and with shoulder length handles. Can be any style, patched or plain. (See page 20 Sept 2015 edition of Pieceful Times for picture). 

Buscot ward are still hoping that we can help again this year with Christmas stockings and Christmas premature baby quilts (approx 18 x 18inches). I know it seems early to mention this but you told me that I left it a bit late last year to remind quilters. 

So if you are thinking of making a quilt for Linus in 2016, there are ideas on the but remember, washable, bright and cheerful and no embellishments. Please also check no pins or needles are left in! 

Once again thank you for your generosity in donating quilts. Do let me know if you know an organisation or individual who would qualify for a Linus Quilt. 


Project Linus Co-ordinator 

April 2016 

A quilt is a hug you can keep 

It's been a busy year for Project Linus and thanks to all of you who have made beautiful quilts. We have had 432 donated across Berkshire and Oxfordshire during 2015. A tremendous effort! Quilts have been given to a number of different organisations and individual children and young people. 

Quilts are donated from WIs, U3A, craft groups, individual quilters and quilt groups. Some make the quilts because of a personal connection with the charity others may never have made a quilt before. 

You have also responded to my requests for extra help and we have donated bags for Alexander Divine charity for use by children when visiting hospital and bags for breastfeeding kits, Christmas stockings and Christmas quilts for the Premature Units. Thank you. 

As I write this I have just returned from a very successful coffee morning hosted by Jean Cozens in Windsor. £330 was raised and a very enjoyable morning was had by all. A volunteer from DASH, a charity supporting those who experience domestic violence, came along to receive quilts for the children who find themselves living in a refuge. 

The quilt was won by a non-quilter who was thrilled to have won. She said "It's the best thing ever, I want to cry". 

My thanks go to all those who have donated quilts, to Barbara, Henriette, Shelia and Cathy from Oxfordshire who have helped with collecting and delivering quilts and to so many of you for making and donating them. 

So if you are thinking of making a quilt for Linus in 2016, there are ideas on the website, but remember, washable, bright and cheerful and no embellishments. Please also check no pins or needles are left in! 


Project Linus Co-ordinator