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Linus News 


Another successful year for Project Linus and thanks to all those Quilters who have supported us during 2018. 

Some really gorgeous quilts have been donated to children and young people in the area and they are loved and treasured by all. As well as quilts, you have made and donated breastfeeding kit bags and Christmas stockings, all really appreciated. 

Thanks also to those who have donated fabric, helped with fund raising and deliveries. Your support is very much appreciated. Wishing you many happy quilting hours in 2019. 

Lillian King 

Project Linus Co-ordinator – Berkshire


I have just received this lovely email from the Project Linus UK Office and wanted to share it with everyone. It just shows that what we do, as Co-ordinators, and those who donate so many quilts, is really appreciated. It is so nice to have recognition from those we are trying to help and makes all the hard work worthwhile. 

Dear Linus organisers, 

We have just had delivered a beautiful quilt for my 11 year old profoundly autistic son. I wanted to pass my thanks back for this lovely gift: a thing of beauty in its own right and also a beautiful thought. He loves snuggling up in it, and – a nice, surprising touch! – it's orange colour scheme matches his hair. With deep gratitude for the kindness of your quilters and organisers, all very best, 


I would like to send each and everyone who has donated quilts this year a heartfelt thanks and I am so grateful to you for your continued support. I am currently trying to organise a “Linus Day” in Witney next spring. I haven’t been able to secure a date yet but hopefully it can be sorted out before the next Pieceful Times. 

If anyone is interested in coming please let me know. Fabric and wadding will be provided. Watch this space. 

Margaret Metcalfe 

Project Linus Co-ordinator – Oxfordshire 01993850766 or 07733167574

Linus News – Berkshire

It’s not been the weather to be thinking of wrapping yourself up in a quilt but Linus quilts have continued to be delivered and gratefully received during the summer.

I very much hope that we can give every child at The Avenue School a quilt of their own. The Avenue School Special Needs Academy is a day, special school for boys and girls from the age of 2 – 19 with complex Special Educational Needs. All pupils are supported by either a Statement of Special Educational Needs or an Education Health Care Plan and will have at least a severe learning difficulty. So far Linus has donated 34 quilts so approximately another 120 quilts will be needed.

Buscot Ward at RBH have requested more breast feeding kit bags to give to their Mums. It keeps all their kit together in a discreet way while moving between floors. The tote bags need to be about 13 ins long x 9 ins wide, finished size, open top, with long handles and lined. They can be any style, patched or plain. If you are able to help with this I would be most grateful. Buscot would appreciate a regular supply.

My thanks to all those who have made quilts, donated fabric and raised funds. Your support is very much appreciated.

Lillian King

Project Linus Co-ordinator – Berkshire

Linus News – Oxfordshire

I was very pleased and honoured to be invited to judge a group of Linus Quilts made as a challenge by Abingdon Quilters and Fitzharry’s Quilters at their exhibition in April.

It was a very difficult decision as you have to look at what is right for the children and not a personal choice. They were all so beautiful and each and every one deserved to be a winner but in the end I chose the quilt by Anna Christensen. It was so colourful and just what the doctor ordered for a sick child.

I would like to thank each and everyone for their efforts and also the continued donations of quilts from every corner of our county. Thank you.

Margaret Metcalfe

Project Linus Co-ordinator – Oxfordshire

01993850766 or 07733167574

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