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Sylvia Morgan

I started patchwork and quilting with American friends whilst living in northern Italy in the early 90's. When I returned to England around 1997 I joined the Guild and attended many workshops. Originally concentrating on traditional patchwork I moved on to preferring to work in a more free, textile art way. Since 2002 I have lived in Andorra and now (2013) partly in Mallorca where a large garden takes up a lot of my time so less textile work is done.
I try to achieve some journal quilts and specific challenges and always have a couple of small hand projects active.
In October 2014 I discovered a large patchwork group in Palma which I have joined. They have weekends away in hotels with lots of workshops, monthly meetings, visiting tutors - all in Spanish! Also we are very active in helping the community i.e. quilts for childrens' wards in hospitals, kemo kaps for children who have received chemo. and heart cushions for post breast cancer op. ladies.