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Patricia Wills

A move to York coincided with the opening of the Quilt Museum and Gallery. New volunteers were recruited and a great chance to meet people and make new friends. Workshops for volunteers encouraged beginners like me to have a go.
Helping Sarah Humphrys with her workshops also taught me lots of new skills alongside the youngsters attending. I even rekindled my joy of helping children to learn.
Quilters Retreats based in York provided a great opportunity to meet with people from all over the country. Sandra Meech encouraged us to use digital photography to inspire our work. Her quilts were just amazing and the 3 days were great fun.
Ineke Berlin provided an opportunity to use transparent fabrics, lutrador and screen printing. My neighbour on this occasion was from Norfolk.
I now have the confidence to create my own work for competitions. I have just finished my piece for the Finnish challenge and am currently designing a quilt for Chinese Whispers at Loch Lomond 2014.