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October Regional Day 2015 Feedback

Well I liked the town, friendly people helped us find car park and we appreciated the signs about which way to go! I don't have a problem about the distance, don't mind driving and happy to travel this kind of distance although journey home would have been bit easier if M4 had not been closed... The venue was very good although I guess maybe a bit tricky for some because of the stairs. But good size, good condition, nice toilets! Morning workshop was good fun, she was a very good teacher and totally confident teaching a big group. Liked the afternoon speaker although I have terrible tendency to doze off after lunch if not actually doing anything - would be better for me to have speaker in morning and workshop in afternoon. Exhibition was OK but some labels would have helped as explanation didn't come until after we had had chance to look at them. Pace of the day was good, time to chat to friends but still packed a lot in and never felt rushed or bored. 

And a special mention for the catering, especially the fruity seedy gluten-free cake - any chance of putting the recipe in the next newsletter? 

Thought the regional day was a good day out, I enjoyed the workshop and have finished two of the decorations, it was good to finish something on the day! The speaker was very entertaining and inspiring, especially with the wonderful selection of goodies on sale, what a colourful selection of batiks. It was really nice that we were allowed to handle her quilts and books, so many ideas for something new to try. Many thanks to the committee for all the hard work in organising the day. 

I liked the fact that we had the workshop in the morning and a talk in the afternoon - I think that makes for a satisfactory day when we have something we've made to take home and are inspired by a speaker with wonderful things to show. 

Both ladies were good. It was nice to finish a project and not have another UFO. Maryke gave an entertaining talk and her quilts and books were inspiring.