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Region 6 Farewells

Fond Farewells 

Farewell to Sue Hammond

Sue has been the Newsletter Editor for the last 3 years. She has done an excellent job and has produced some colourful and informative issues of the 'Peaceful Times'. Sue completed this role whilst undertaking her City & Guild Qualifications, as well as undergoing major house renovations! Sue is now going to take some time to enjoy her house and continue with her studies and quilting endeavours. From everyone in Region 6, we would like to thank Sue for doing such a fantastic job and wish her all the best for the future! 

Gill Towell

Gill has been the young quilters representative for the last 2 years, under her guidance girls in our region have seen success at the Festival of Quilts for the last two years running and achieved an excellent prize haul at Sandown in 2016. Gill is still working with the young quilters in our region but has stepped down to enable her to concentrate on her business. We would like to express our thanks to Gill and wish her every success in her future endeavours.

Mary Foster 

Mary joined the Region 6 committee in 2011 as an Oxfordshire representative. She lives in Abingdon and has been a member of Abbey Quilters for many years. The church and crafts, mainly textiles are her passion in life as are her 4 children. 

In 2014 she became the coordinator for the group but sadly ill health prevented her from carrying out this role as effectively as she would have liked. Despite this she has supported the committee whenever possible and remains a committed member of The Guild. She has promised her continued support to our region and we are grateful for this and her input over the past 5 years. We wish her well. 

Julia Shay 

Julia has completed a very full 3 years on the committee and I don’t think she realised when she started what she would have achieved by the end. But despite being a working woman, wife, grandmother, and working hard to complete the City & Guilds Diploma over this period she has contributed enormously to the Region and helped it to progress. 

She held the committee together and made it possible for us to continue by volunteering to take on the Co-ordinator’s role when Mary was unable to continue through ill health. 

Her cheerful persona and can do attitude was an example to us all. She was available to us and encouraging when things were difficult despite being tremendously busy herself. 

She never failed to be positive and inclusive which meant that meetings and events were always better for her being there to welcome and encourage. 11 

We are all grateful for the time and effort she exerted in carrying out this role on our behalf. I personally count myself lucky to have made a good new friend and to have been able to work alongside such an estimable colleague who enabled Region 6 to move on and build on past successes. 

Fran Cooke 

Fran Cooke 

As I said at the regional day our retiring treasurer needs no introduction from me. 

All of you know Fran; she has worked tirelessly for our region, organising events, coordinating ticket sales and most importantly keeping us solvent. 

However, it is her reliability, good sense, good humour and friendliness that have been of such enormous benefit. Also her commitment, energy and attention to detail. 

Not to mention that she is such a very talented (and modest) quilter! It is no surprise that all of us on the committee are wondering how on earth we are going to manage without her 

But she has completed her 3 years’ service and now thoroughly deserves some free time to spend on herself…or more specifically her new grandson. 

So many thanks Fran for all you’ve done, we wish you well. We know you will always be there to help and support us which is very reassuring! 

Sue Hammond