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Paying for Events

Paying for Events 

We are trying to make it as easy as possible for members to book their places for events. If you do this in advance you save time on the day and we can prepare the venue and materials for workshops more efficiently and we can send you detailed information about what to bring and what will be happening. On arrival all pre-paid attendees names will be listed so you just have to tick the sign in list. You can buy both members and non-members tickets by any method. 

Ways to buy tickets for the March Regional Day 


Pay by direct bank transfer to Region‘s bank account – see instructions below. 

Then send an email with your details and we email you the ticket and information about the day. 

Transfer the correct amount to HSBC bank 

Sort Code: 40-47-09 

Account Number: 11385356 

In the reference section please state: Your name + BERKS16 

OR Young person’s name + YQJan16 or YQMar16 or YQApr16 

Then send an email to 

Type in the Subject line of the email: Payment for Berkshire Regional Day or Young Quilters’ Workshops 

In the main body of the email please type the following: 

Name/s: (if you are paying for more than one person, please give all the names of those attending so they go on to the sign in list at the door, but we only need contact details for one person) 

No of tickets: Members ……… Non-members ……… 

QG Membership No: (if applicable) 

Email address: (the address you wish the ticket/information to be sent to) 

Any special requirements: (access etc) 


Telephone Number: (in case of any last minute changes) 


Go to the Quilters’ Guild website and pay for tickets either through Paypal or using a payment card online. 

Your details come straight through to us and so we can email the ticket & information to you. 

Go to 

Look above the black menu bar on the right and click on “Sign in” – enter your email address and password to Log In as a member if you are one*. 

Click on Regions on the black menu bar and choose Region 6 from the list or map 

Click on events and choose the event you are buying ticket(s) for 

In this case click on Berkshire Regional Day. 

Follow link to buy tickets, filling in information including your email address, and choosing your preferred payment method. 

This will automatically be sent to the treasurer and the ticket information will be emailed to you. 

*In order to buy members’ tickets you have to be logged in as a QG member. You can buy non- member tickets whether or not you are logged in as a member. 


Send a cheque made payable to “The Quilters Guild Region 6” with the completed form (ie the information listed in Method 1) to the address below and either give your email address so your ticket and information will be emailed to you, or send a stamped addressed envelope so the ticket & information can be posted to you. 

Post to 50 Vanner Road, Witney, Oxfordshire OX28 1PF